a full socializing & dance experience in Timisoara, Romania.

A celebration of dance and music, born out of a desire to pay tribute to the pleasure of social dancing! We invite you to write the SALSIFICADO. story together.
We believe that a good DJ is one who goes beyond the standards and manages to turn your time spent on the dancefloor into an unforgettable personal experience. This exceptional ladies who truly love music, make no exception.

Meet the Salsificado Ladies...


DJane Cycy

Educated to the subtleties of Latin sounds and mixing during O’Sullivan’s where she is a resident DJane, Cyrine is always in search for the perfect sound.


DJane Morena

Dancing since she is able to remember, Katja is one of the most recognized salsa Djane from Europe.


DJane Tirano

Glittery and groovy yet glamorous, mathematician and dancer with recognizable style, Diana is one of Moscow's DJane best kept secrets, having a passion for unconventional...everything.


DJane Martina

Music is one of her favourite forms of expression and the way of keeping the dancefloor lit.


DJane Evita

Queen of cheerful, lovely, energetic, romantic, playful (sometimes "sinister") melodies. Her music is as colourful as herself.

This guys have the annoying habit of making you remember moments that you would like to forget. Smile to them and you'll be ok!

Meet the visual guys...


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Why you should come?

100% salsa music, socializing & dancing

Cozy and relaxed atmosphere to connect, share moments, socialize, and dance with like-minded people.

100% female DJ line up

We celebrate their extraordinary contributions to our dance scene because we never forget who runs the world: girls!

NEW unique location with wood dance floor

A versatile space, located in the right spot, close to everything.

Risk Free

Your SALSIFICADO experience means the world to us, so we made our Risk Free policy practical and simple for all the participants.

DJane Schedule

subject to change without notice


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