For sophisticated and undisputed dancers: ours!

Immerse yourself in a cozy and laid-back ambiance, where you can connect, share unforgettable moments, engage in conversations, and gracefully move to the rhythm alongside kindred spirits. Come and be a part of the collective narrative, as we co-create the magical tale of Salsificado., together on the dancefloor!

Why you should come?


Meet the Salsificado. ladies...

It's the artists who make the music, not the gender and this exceptional ladies who truly love music, make no exception. We believe that a good DJ is one who goes beyond the standards and manages to turn your time spent on the dancefloor into an unforgettable personal experience.

DJane Cycy - new entry

Cyrine, the resident DJane at O'Sullivan's, is constantly exploring the nuances of Latin sounds and experimenting with her mixes in pursuit of the perfect sound.


DJane Evita - returning

Queen of cheerful, lovely, energetic, romantic, playful (sometimes "sinister") melodies. Her music is as colourful as herself.


DJane Morena

From the earliest memories of her existence, Katja has been dancing her heart out. Today, she stands as one of Europe's most renowned salsa DJanes, admired and respected by all.


DJane Tirano

Glittery and groovy yet glamorous, mathematician and dancer with a recognizable style, Diana is one of salsa's best kept secrets, having a passion for unconventional...everything.


DJane Martina

Martina finds solace and creative freedom in music, considering it as one of her favorite means of expression and an essential source of energy that keeps the dancefloor lit.

+ George Bufan, the undisputed visual guy

This guy have the annoying habit of making you remember moments that you would like to forget. Smile to him and you'll be ok!

days remaining until next Salsificado.

Ticket price evolution



Salsificado Pass: 600 lei (120€)


Salsificado Pass: 650 lei (130€)


Salsificado Pass: 700 lei (140€)


Salsificado Pass: 750 lei (150€)


- after 25 aug., tickets available at the door

  • pre-Party: 50 lei (10€)
  • any individual party - Social by Day OR Social by Night: 250 lei (60€)
  • Day Pass (Sat OR Sun) Social by Day AND Social by Night: 400 lei (90€)
  • Salsificado Pass (all 5 parties): 800 lei (160€)

Location: Hotel Boavista, the Rooftop Venue

Hotel Boavista offers you 45 single or double rooms to choose from. Salsificado Venue is on the hotel rooftop. This is the closest you can stay to Salsificado.

Rates available for Salsificado. attendees: single/double room 75€/night.
The rates don't include breakfast buffet! Prices for breakfast: 40 lei (8€) /person

How to book your room

To get the price from above, use the promo code MARATON when requesting your booking
For reservations send direct email to

DJane Schedule

Please note that the schedules are subject to change
Be sure to arrive early and catch each DJ's mesmerizing performance!

the BASE Studio - PREPARTY

  • from 22.30 - DJ Tirano
  • from 00.00 - DJ TBA

Hotel Boavista - RoofTop

  • 22.00 - playlist

  • 23.00 - DJane Morena
  • 00.30 - DJane Evita
  • 02.00 - DJane Tirano
  • 03.30 - DJane Martina
  • 05.00 - DJane Cycy

Hotel Boavista - RoofTop

  • from 12.30 - free Brunch

  • 13.00 - DJane Cycy
  • 15.00 - DJane Martina

  • 22.00 - playlist

  • 23.00 - DJane Tirano
  • 00.30 - DJane Martina
  • 02.00 - DJane Cycy
  • 03.30 - DJane Evita
  • 05.00 - DJane Morena

Hotel Boavista - RoofTop

  • from 12.30 - free Brunch

  • 13.00 - DJane Morena
  • 15.00 - DJane Evita

  • 22.00 - playlist

  • 23.00 - DJane Cycy
  • 00.30 - DJane Morena
  • 02.00 - DJane Evita
  • 03.30 - DJane Tirano
  • 05.00 - DJane Martina