what do we do
for you?

Before we meet, we want you to know that your safety is a priority for us, so access to the festival will be made in compliance with all legal provisions in force for the safe conduct of the event. We make an effort every day and keep in touch with the authorities so that we can provide more options for accessing the event. We'll update this section as changes occur.

Please note that all participants will be required to comply with a number of regulations designed to ensure the proper functioning of the event as well as the maintenance of health safety. We insist that the rules we apply be followed. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the event without the return of the participation fee.

What we do for the health safety of all participants:

Our top priority is to keep you and everyone in attendance safe for the duration of the event.

     We limit the number of participants in the event to a maximum of 170 people.

     We provide you with a modern, clean space.

What you need to do to attend the event:

     just buy your pass and accommodation and join us for an amazing to be event.